HypnoEFT is a technique combining rapid hypnosis and EFT. This technique is also usually used during a treatment in EFT3 to reinforce the natural hypnotic effect of the EFT3, allowing better access to the source events, better visualization of the setting, more complete body relaxation and a better acceptance of the positive therapeutic suggestions. To practice HypnoEFT, the therapist must respect certain principles:

  • The therapist has enough training in hypnotherapy to know how to manage a difficult situation (resistance, risk of re-traumatization, temporary aggravation) and if necessary to end the intervention in a comfortable way.
  • The patient/client is willing and informed. This relates not only to hypnosis (which is called trance, hypnosis or relaxation) but also to tapping acupuncture points, which is practiced by the therapist on a subject with eyes closed. If body contact is not authorized/desired, an alternative of HypnoEFT practiced entirely on oneself could be used.