While EFT is a healing technique combining the tapping of acupuncture points and the verbalizing of the identified problem, EFT3 intends to improve upon it by adding three dissociative artifices.

  1. The patient/client is asked to create (stage) an imaginary double of him/herself to personify the actual problem or emotional state. The patient is invited to describe the behavior/attitude of the double in the thirdperson (instead of first person like in EFT and most therapeutic techniques).
  2. The tapping occurs simultaneously on the patient (self-tapping or tapping through the therapist) andon the double (through the client, as if the double were really present).
  3. The double can be split in different doubles (sub-personalities) corresponding to the threeEnergy States

Paradoxically, the patient can – in an impersonal way – go deeper emotionally around the issue, allowing more reflection and compassion for self. This way the client gets a protective distance, and it is easier to bypass resistance to the therapeutic work due to emotional avoidance. The patient observes immediate changes in the double, leading to the next therapeutic intervention. While therapist and patient further tap, it is possible to invite new resources (helpers or others doubles) to take their place on the imaginary stage.  This process allows an integration of lost aspects/states of the self without the necessity to feel them in the first person. Therapists in the field of psychotraumatology will benefit from this safe and highly effective approach.

Please consult the tutorial in English!