EFT3 Institute
Halfway between the botanical garden and Lake Zurich, this historic house located at Höschgasse 68 is a pleasant place. I have had my medical practice there since 1984. It is also where I decided to create the EFT3 Institute in March 2015. Indeed, after having started to teach psychotraumatology (2005), EFT (2007), EFT3 (2012) and HypnoEFT (2014), I tested little by little the need to create a structure distinct from my medical practice, which can better represent my didactic activities. Whereas the first goal of EFT3 had been to improve my work with patients who were victims of psychological trauma, I understood that this technique had applications much vaster than psychotherapy. So I found that this technique interested not only my psychotherapist colleagues but also other professionals, like hypnotherapists, health advisers, teachers, trainers and of course, healthcare workers in general.

The EFT3 Institute’s mission is to develop, improve, teach and spread new change techniques in connection with EFT, EFT3, and HypnoEFT. They are intended for both private users and healthcare and counseling professionals.

Started by a personal adventure that began in 2005 with my aid mission in Sri Lanka after the tsunami, the EFT3 Institute could not have been created without the support, both voluntary and professional, of many collaborators who helped me throughout the process either by creating my sites and tutorials, launching the first courses, or helping me clarify the EFT3 teaching.

As creator of the EFT3 Institute, I thought it would be useful to present a profile of my vocational training.